Services and Supplies for Research and Development


Research and Manufacturing Instruments

Detector, optical systems, light sources, electronics and an ample variety of products. We are committed to quality and cost effective solutions for your research and business operations.

Materials, Consumables and Parts

All consumibles for microscopy, electronics and optics; materials such as glasses, metals and polymers. All the products and supplies you need at your reach.


We have a highly trained team that builds custom solutions just for you. We provide electronics and optics consulting, preventive diagnostics and development of OEM specifications.

Ultimaker 2 3D printer
Scanning Electronic Microscope
Quantum Opus 532 Laser


The Best Clients

We maintain business with private and public organizations as well as a government contractor and vendor. We streamline their bureaucratic processes and take the workload out of them. We are easy to do business with.

The Best Experience

We are committed to the efficient commercialization and distribution of specialized products with competitive prices, quality and logistics. Our goal is the best possible exposure for vendors and their brand


We provide our vendor with the certainty and confidence that their brands and products will be represented adequately, delivering a loyal projection of their values, as well as developing market strategies.

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New Technologies

Porto goes beyond commercialization, searching for creative and cost-effective solutions with the generation and application of technologies such as microscopy, lasers, materials processing and electronic systems.

Scattering and Diffraction

New Applications

With concrete strategies in the application of mature technologies plus the ingenuity and innovation provided by our team, we reach the reduction of costs and resources of your opperations.

New Businesses

Unmanned spectroscopy sorties, water prospection, natural gas leaks. We open new horizons through optics and electronics.


About us


PORTO is a diverse team from Ensenada, Mexico. We work towards constant quality improvement, while focusing in new technologies and businesses.

Scanning Electronic Microscope
Lecroy Oscilloscope LA302

Our Allies

PORTO hold a firm commitment with its vendors and service providers by presenting itself with honesty, transparency and quality in all its deals. We incentivize professional development through scholarships, resources and time freedom.


Your success is ours. We take conscience in the importance of your project plans and deeply and sincerely thank your loyalty and preference.

Custom Retrofit

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